Turan Metal
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Quality understanding

We are responding to rapidly changing needs and expectations with the same speed and with our technical team by keeping the concept of time in front of the concept. Ar-Ge works in our works by analyzing the sector, analyzing the sector and blending it with our experience approaching 30 years, Ge and production.

High quality

With the products you buy with Turan Metal brand; Made of high quality material and painted in elestrostatic oven paint system.

Our target

Our company has the product portfolio which is demanded as much as abroad as well as domestic; It also contributes to the Turkish economy in this sense.

Technology and Innovative Understanding

The place we came safely from inside and outside for years, We continue to protect with high technology and innovative understanding.

We care about R & D

We are in the process of quality production with focus on research and development, with our customer-oriented business understanding before and after sales to reach our targets together with our customers.